Welcome to the DEPENd Lab’s Data Curation Hub!

This “Data Curation Hub” provides a complete live set of documents for how the UNC DEPENd Lab (PI Dr. Michael N. Hallquist, Ph.D) handles and organizes data and processes relevant to the curation of data for the good of the lab!

Mission Statement


The goal of the data curation team is to set up and implement a centralized set of procedures for the management of incoming data in the DEPENd Lab. At its inception, our goal was to implement a data curation system that provide ongoing checks on the quality of incoming data for the NeuroMAP and Momentum studies. However, we have since decided to try and generalize this data curation system into a more universal set of guidelines that should apply to any mid-to-large-scale humans subjects research study.

Ultimately, the Data Curation Hub should serve as a reference for:

  1. How data ought to be processed at every stage of its “life”

    1. Data Collection

    2. Data Transfer

    3. Data Validation

    4. Data Preprocessing

    5. Data Quality Control

    6. Data Storage and Backup

  2. How to edit this documentation to reflect the most up-to-date version of the data curation system.

  3. Where to find data at different stages of processing

This data curation team will also oversee implementing these guidelines and organizes relevant information for reporting data quality in regular study meetings.

Ongoing Data Curation Tasks

Currently, the data curation guidelines outlined in this hub are under development. If you are interested in a list of tasks that are currently active, check out this Slite document.

Contents of the Data Curation Hub

  • Editing this Document

    • If you are new to this documentation and would like to learn more about how to edit this document, please read through the materials in the “Editing this Document” Tab.

  • Directory Structure Guidelines

  • Storage Plan

  • Codebooks

  • NDA Submission Guidelines


Please direct any questions regarding this Data Curation Hub to Nate Hall (primary), Nidhi Desai, or Michael Hallquist.